Success Stories

MaryRoberto“I took Angela’s Soul Mala workshop. It is beyond words what I was able to uncover there for myself; the journey so profound that I simply couldn’t keep this jewel of a find under wraps! I have spread the word to everyone I know since then. Angela is a beautiful soul who can help and appeal to so many with her engaging style, vibrant enthusiasm, tremendous knowledge and expertise. There is simply no one else like her.” 

— Mary Ruberto

LisaReilly“Angela has such a reputation for changing our lives in just one hour or less, even though it took each of us years to become so stuck. People will pay a lot more money just to get in to her office and wait forever to see her if they have to! Angela never misses the mark, not ever. This is her TRUE calling!”

— L. Reilly

“I had the pleasure to see and hear Angela Dacey speak. Angela was very entertaining and informative. It was excellent and offered me new methods to enhance my journey in life.”

— Debbie Ffrench

I have known Angela for since she opened Heaven & Earth Inc. and began her true calling. I have found her to be inspirational, caring and compassionate. 

— Christine Smith

Angela’s workshops not only meet, but consistently exceed all of my expectations! She is an Informative and engaging, hands on moderator who creates a nurturing community out of the program that sustains, reinforces and perpetuates your mastery and ownership of success.

— David Finestone

Angela’s course helped me get better in touch with myself and the team I manage.

— Jamie McLean

Working with you has been the best money I ever spent. I couldn’t have done it without you.

— Ed Wehby

I know this amazing woman! I’ve taken one of Angela’s courses, seen her speak on several occasions and had the privilege of interviewing her on my youth talk show ‘RANT’. This woman is vibrant, full of amazing knowledge and is incredibly inspirational. After a one on one session with her I decided to quit my job and follow my passion as a Speaker, Laughter Coach and Personal Growth Trainer. If it wasn’t for Angela, I would probably still be working at my old job.

— Jacquie Hermans

Angela is an amazingly talented and insightful healer. Anyone would benefit experiencing any type of health issue.

— Fred Phillips

I am a recent client of both Angela’s, and in only a few short months I have experienced progress in “detoxifying” myself in all areas – Mental, Physical and Spiritual.

— Bonnie Gent

I have been a client of Angela’s and and know first hand how she can transform your life. I have become the person I was meant to be and have her to thank. I wish her all the best in her continued success!

— Christina Thomas

I have known Angela for close to 20 years now, and have worked with her in several capacities over the years. Her insights into what it means to be spiritual beings and humans finding our ways along our individual and collective paths, has always been quite profound. I can say I have had the pleasure of witnessing her grow this talent over the years, as I’m sure many of her clients have grown with her guidance and inspiration.

— Dr. Michael Koschade

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