Self-Discovery Courses

Become a Certified Facilitator

You have a PASSION for serving others.  Guiding people to discover their own healing and creating the awareness for change is your MISSION.  After healing your own story, you have a burning DESIRE to support others to do the same.

You follow Angela Dacey’s mission and purpose. Let’s shine our light together and make this world a happier, healthier and light filled place inside and out.

After completing all levels

‘Whole’istic Marketing Training

Are you are a holistic/alternative practitioner or a creative soul? Fantastic in your modality? Love to serve & heal? Excited to succeed? I’ve been blessed to work with hundreds of practitioners over the years with their businesses and now I’d like to offer the same guidance and small business advice to you.

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Small Business Consulting

I’m honoured to be able to provide training and marketing consulting to small businesses and non-profit organizations in the alternative health and healing fields.  Watching fellow entrepreneurs succeed is extremely rewarding and I look forward to working with more passionate people and businesses in the future.

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