13 Dec 12/12/12

12/12/12 has finally arrived. As I’m sitting here drinking a cup of tea and watching the snow fall outside, I’m thinking, “The world hasn’t ended today, but a whole bunch of stuff in my life has ended this year”. 2012 has been more than a year of transformation. It’s been a time of endings. I’ve seen marriages, careers, and lives end this year. For myself personally, I took this year to revamp my business, refocus and move forward. In the process, I instead went through a separation, moved out on my own and had a few close people in my life cross over to the other side, including my Dad this past November. I knew entering 2012 that major changes were about to happen to many people but I never expected I’d be such a recipient of this energy.
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22 Aug Healing Your Heart During Transition and Change Teleseminar

Change is one thing that we can always guarantee will remain constant in life. However, how we cope with the change can be different every time we experience it depending on how big the change is and how it will affect our life. I believe every experience, good and bad, is an opportunity to look into ourselves and heal a part of us for spiritual growth. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to take a situation and ask “So what’s this about for me?” I realize that things don’t happen TO me. They happen FOR me. Each individual experience or person we meet is an opportunity for personal growth. That may be a difficult statement to hear or understand right now, but I promise you, if you join this free teleseminar you’ll begin seeing your change and transition in a new light and your heart will begin to heal. This free seminar is for you if you have been dealing with:
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