Author: Angela

19 Mar Would You Date Yourself?

Would You Date Yourself? Most of you who have joined my newsletter over the years are open to holistic/energetic practices. We believe in manifesting through vision boards (like the one I just created last week). We write down what we want in the perfect, EVOLVED MATE....

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11 Feb When Life Is Messed Up!

So you’ve found out life can be MESSED UP!

Welcome to the club! NOW WHAT ?

Well, you can continue to be in the state you are in OR you can choose to look inside yourself to see what healing is needed for you to move forward and heal. Maybe your partner just left you. Maybe you just lost your job. Maybe someone you love passed away.
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31 Jan My Rant About The Self Help Industry…

People…..I have to rant. I have to rant about my industry after 18 years of owning my own business. It’s time. 2 things are eating away at me in this personal development business. #1) Why are people reading the self help books and saying they are interested in the information, and quoting the authors, but not taking action to actually heal their own lives? #2) Why are healers healing others when they are not even healed themselves?
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29 Jan Kids and Colour

Our amazement and love for colour begins at a very early age. Our toys are made with bright colours to stimulate our minds. Our imagination expands as we colour trees purple and dogs blue. We have our favourite pink dress or orange jacket we love to wear. We see and feel colour so purely and innocently. As we get older, our senses to energy can become duller so colour becomes taken for granted. It’s everywhere…what’s the big deal? However, ask anyone and they will still hold a favourite colour and/or least favourite colour in their minds. Why is that?
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24 Oct Open Your Toolbox!

  We’ve all been there at some point in our life - the day where we don’t want to get off the couch. The world seems like a harsh reality and snuggling up under a blanket feels safer than taking that step into the big, bad world. Once and awhile, those days are good for our soul. We take time for ourselves. We read a good book. We catch up on our friends through Facebook or email. We rejuvenate. However, what happens when that day turns into many days, weeks or even months? How do we begin to take a step forward when we forget how to walk?
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