July’s Colour of the Month – BLUE

10 Jul July’s Colour of the Month – BLUE

Summer is here and the blue sky seems to stretch from the east to the west effortlessly. Looking up to the vastness, we are reminded just how big and beautiful this earth is. A sense of peace and tranquility comes with looking into the breathtaking blue and we stop to take a deep breath of cleansing air.

Blue reminds us to slow down and just be present in the moment. It calms our nerves and reminds us to breathe. In times of stress and anxiety, this is the colour that you want to put in your bedroom, wear to bed or bathe in with a blue colour bath.

When we calm down our outside stresses and remember to be internally present, we are brought to a place to look within. When our insides are calm, we are just being. Too often in today’s world, we are human doings and not human beings. Being a human being brings us back to our true authenticity. The person we are meant to be. Not the wife, not the sister, not the friend, not the lover, not the employee or employer but only the true authentic person.

So what’s it mean to be authentic you ask? It means that you honour the beauty and the gifts within you. It means that those gifts are continually present and demonstrated. It means that you do not become someone else when faced with judgment, fear, conflict, blame or accusations. Let me ask you this. Are you one kind of person at work and a different person at home? Are you sweet, kind and considerate at work to your fellow co-workers and clients but then come home and yell at your kids and ignore your husband? If so, then you are searching for your true identity, your true authenticity.
The colour blue can and will help you with this journey of self discovery as blue represents your throat chakra.

Blue aids us to express our true feelings, speak our truth and mission while strengthening communication with the spiritual and physical world.

Blue is fantastic to use in a bedroom to calm the mind and bring serenity for bedtime. Use Blue sheets, pillow cases and pajamas for hyperactive children to create a quiet effect when rest is needed. Blue also can help ease the pain with headaches and migraines and reduce swelling. It is cooling to a fever. A hidden secret – Blue suppresses the appetite! This July, enjoy the Blue sky, Blue water, Blue flowers, Blue birds and more.

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