My Rant About The Self Help Industry…

31 Jan My Rant About The Self Help Industry…

People…..I have to rant.

I have to rant about my industry after 18 years of owning my own business.

It’s time.

2 things are eating away at me in this personal development business.

#1) Why are people reading the self help books and saying they are interested in the information, and quoting the authors, but not taking action to actually heal their own lives?

#2) Why are healers healing others when they are not even healed themselves?

tv7AhLodi54E2rMxq3Us5z5VukhUrZe673yzZVd3KOgThese have actually been questions of mine for many years.

However, now that I’ve taken 1.5 years off to heal myself after my separation and my Dad’s death, and I’m back full force in my business doing what I love yet these questions still remain.

The difference is, my authentic self is even MORE real and raw now that I’ve done even more personal work on healing myself. So much so, that I’m coming right out and asking these two questions. I’m wondering what takes people so long to just jump in and do the work. The results are fantastic! Granted, working on yourself takes commitment, courage, openness, ability to accept change, and self love but as soon as you start, the journey begins. Light begins to shine into darkness and you can only move forward.

I’m not saying there won’t be times when facing the darkness sucks but how can you let it escape and leave your body, mind and soul if you won’t give it a chance to leave?

So I’m challenging you ALL! It’s time to take ACTION and DO YOUR WORK! We’ve all gone through crazy changes in the last few years. Regardless of our struggles, transition has happened in some way shape or form. If you are sitting in regret, guilt, judgment, resentment, fear, lacking in clarity or self love to name a few, the time is NOW to heal. Why wait people? What are you waiting for? NO ONE can heal you but YOU. I know personally for me, I wanted the negative feelings to be gone as fast as I could let them go. I dove into my work and within a short time, I felt exuberant and free and continue to do so!

Let me talk to the healers for a moment. There are too many people out there feeling the need and desire to support and heal people BUT they still have lots of their own work to do. Understandably, we are always working and progressing on ourselves, however, please honour yourself and heal your big stuff before you begin helping others. All too often I cross paths with healers who hold negative energy, give fear based advice or are physically ill. This is only my opinion but I believe WE need to do the work too or how can we be authentic in our field?

So, whether you choose to heal during my one week Soul Mala intensive retreat in Bahamas or choose another healed healer to help you, start taking part of the action! Seminars, workshops, online courses, counseling, healing sessions and more are available to you. No Excuses! Everything takes time, energy and money. When are YOU worth your OWN time, energy and money?

I’m honestly interested in your response if you can answer those one or two questions for me. I’m open and I love understanding what makes people tick…or tock !

My suggestion? Be open to healing and watch the universe align the stars to make it happen.

That’s my colourful rant! I hope it kick starts you into your healing journey.



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