May 2012

18 May Healing My Soul With Music

I have really been attracted to sound and movement in the last few months. Many of us have been experiencing dramatic transformation and change in our lives and I also personally have been as well. Going through personal change and growth, I’ve been guided towards many forms of music, which has been very healing to my heart chakra. From seeing one of my favourites, Colin James, in concert to listening to the hypnotic sounds of Deva Premal, to participating in drumming workshops, African dance, Zumba and Yoga, I’m finding that music and movement has been so healing for my heart chakra.
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01 May Do What You Love – by Angelspeake’s Trudy Griswold

I just received this blog into my mailbox and asked my dear old friend, Trudy Griswold author of Angelspeake, if I could share it. She happily agreed. Enjoy and always do what you love... Guess what the #1 question is that people ask me about their spirituality? I'll bet you're thinking people are asking about love or relationships, about health issues or "What is my angel's name?" or "How can I attract more abundance into my life?"
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