October 2011

19 Oct Trusting the Universe to Provide the Answers

I had a great AHA moment yesterday. I’m glad to say “Great” because the awareness came after a whole day of feeling down and depressed. I finally realized that I’ve been losing my motivation and creativity due to feeling very lonely from working at home. When I first opened my business in 1995, I had a store on Main St. Newmarket. It was my dream to own a store and I finally did it. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I loved the people that shopped there and shared their stories with me. I need people in my life and I have the need to serve so having a retail store was great for that reason.
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07 Oct Declined an Opportunity…

I’m proud of myself today. Proud of a decision I made to turn down an opportunity that I’ve been trying to capture for four years. Sound confusing? Let me explain. I received the honour of being chosen as one of the top 10 speakers in an international speaking competition. I’ve applied four years in a row. I’ve worked on the marketing committee promoting the event and have attended all of the seminars offered by the sponsored company. However, today when I received the news that I was finally awarded a chance to compete for the title of top speaker, I was thrilled but I turned down the request with confidence and self love. Why, you may ask?
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