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Still Stuck After Reading All Of The Self-Help Books and Attending The Seminars?

In This 7 Week “Detox Your Thoughts” program, You Can Work Through The Process Week-To-Week, Day-To-Day Or Breath-To-Breath. I Will Provide You The Colourful Tools You’ll Need Weekly And You Can Embrace Them At Your Own Pace.

Detox Your ThoughtsOr watch my Live Life Colourfully Video

Live Life Colourfully

Here’s how you can use colour to Detox Your Thoughts


Sneak Peak Video

Discover how to detox your negative thoughts and feelings using colour as your tool.

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Colourful Angel Pendants

Angels are time-honoured symbols of protection, care and spiritual strength. Take a look at the website for a collection of colour therapy, gemstone, infused angel pendants.

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Detox Your Thoughts Masterclass

In this 7 week program you can work through the detoxing your thoughts process at your own pace.

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Ecstatic Dance Parties

Calling all creators, manifesters, spiritual advisors, connectors, music lovers, healers, movers and shakers!

No experience necessary. Just an open heart, open mind and a willingness to let go!

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“Angela’s workshops not only meet, but consistently exceed all of my expectations! She is an Informative and engaging, hands on moderator who creates a nurturing community out of the program that sustains, reinforces and perpetuates your mastery and ownership of success.”

— David Finestone

“I have been a client of Angela’s and and know first hand how she can transform your life. I have become the person I was meant to be and have her to thank. I wish her all the best in her continued success!”

— Christina Thomas

“This woman is vibrant, full of amazing knowledge and is incredibly inspirational. After a one on one session with her I decided to quit my job and follow my passion as a Speaker, Laughter Coach and Personal Growth Trainer. If it wasn’t for Angela, I would probably still be working at my old job.”

— Jacquie Hermans

Angela's Book

Live Life Colourfully

Have you ever wondered why you chose to wear the green sweater today and not the red? Have you walked into someone’s house that was decorated in blue and felt more relaxed and peaceful than a house painted in orange? The theories of colour therapy provide an explanation. Every colour in the rainbow radiates a different vibration or wave length which affects your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

In this book, you’ll learn the powerful affects colour has on all areas of your life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and how to detox your negative thoughts and feelings using colour as your tool.

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Colour is our food for the soul. Each colour of the rainbow nourishes us, supports us and heals us.  Proven to have frequencies, colour has been used for centuries to heal people on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Through this site, you will find tons of free information, videos, and MP3s on how colour can help us heal, one colour and one chakra at a time.

Teaching in personal development using colour therapy as my tool, I provide personal & corporate, seminars, courses, international retreats, personal sessions and my book all intended to help you Get Unstuck and Live Life Colourfully!

About Angela

Angela Dacey’s mission is to help you “Get Unstuck and Live Life Colourfully™” in your small business and personal life.

After 19 years, Angela’s background in marketing and personal development has led her to be a sought after professional speaker, marketing consultant, life advisor and event organizer. She has been interviewed around the world for her knowledge and insight.

Angela is a favourite regular guest on Rogers TV shows Daytime and In The Know. She has written articles on Colour Therapy for personal and business purposes for the Chloe, Ki Awareness and Human Spirit Magazines and has currently written her first book on “Living Life Colourfully” available on Amazon.

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